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Location photography to private customers

Because of the enhancement of camera functions in recent years, anyone can feel free to take quality photos.
On the other hand, there is also a demand for commemorative photos taken by professional photographers.
In the world where many societies are aging ever faster and family bonds are more valued, I had thought of how I, as a professional photographer, could contribute to such societies. And offering location photography to customers is one of my answers.

Merits of Location Photography

. For your convenience, we bring our photo studio to you (you can save travel time of visiting your photographer’s studio).

. Taking photographs in familiar settings to customers will help them have relaxed and natural facial expressions.

. You can experience a professional photo studio in your favorite places.

Location photography to corporate clients

We (Affinity Co., Ltd.) offer location photography to corporate clients as well.
Photos on your company’s pamphlets and websites are the faces of your businesses.

In order to maximize the attraction of our clients’ businesses, we set up a meeting with our clients and listen thoroughly to their specific needs before photo shooting sessions.

Affinity Information our service

  • . Location photography to families
  • . Location photography to corporate clients
  • . Wedding photography
  • . Video and Audio Production
  • . Design Production

Affinity Information

Affinity Information

Born on May 5th in 1970.
Originally from Sapporo city in Hokkaido,
currently lives in Chiba.
A photographer with love of Hokkaido.

With more than 14 years of experience as a professional photographer, I have worked with corporates and medical institutions for commercial photography (posters, brochures and websites etc.).
In addition to that, I have taken photographs of weddings and many other special life events such as Coming of Age and Seven-Five-Three Festivals in Japan.
On the other hand, I seek new challenges through video and audio productionas well.